1. Introduction

1. Introduction

If we are really honest, we must recognize that, in our development work, we often offer simplistic and politically neutral solutions. High aspirations do not always translate into commensurate actions. We cannot rent ourselves a consciousness by just staying the course. Every one of us involved is sitting in a glass house. Those we proclaim to work for are watching.

The Readers in this volume convincingly argue that ignoring political and Human Rights issues will (continue to) result in non-viable development paths. That is why the ensuing pieces call for embarking in a veritable heroic struggle of ideas and actions against a host of powerful pro-status-quo special interests.

The rights-based approach we are calling for makes inclusion, Human Rights and equity real priorities.

Our public mission, then, is to re-center the development debate and to convincingly articulate the reasons for centering it around Human Rights. The Readers give you food for thought and for action for just that.

The Readers are neither systematically elaborated pieces nor do they launch new theories; they are rather true pamphlets whose provocative theses are meant to bring about real change. Get reading and form your own judgement. Only by using the concepts herein and articulating them convincingly will we begin to make headway towards desperately needed change.

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